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Press releases have long been a favorite and effective means of issuing news to a target audience of media outlets, investors, journalists, editors and other individuals looking for the next great story. Issuing frequent press releases is also an effective way to keep shareholders up-to-date with corporate events, news, financials and other announcements, and provides an invaluable level of transparency.

Because of their potential impact, it is vital that each press release is accurately and professionally written.

StockMarketRelations’s team of accomplished writers can assist with:

Writing – It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. From dateline to distribution, each word is important. Our seasoned writers know the specific Associated Press Stylebook standards used by journalists, which greatly increases the likelihood that your announcement is read and well-received by the media and general audiences.

Editing – News releases aren’t like a social media post. If you make a mistake in a news release, the only option you have for correction is to release a new announcement with a glaring “CORRECTION” headline. From syntax and punctuation to flow and readability, your news has to be spot-on and of high quality. Our team of editors are great at helping create full, accurate and professional copy.

Eliminating Jargon – The technical jargon of your content may read like a breeze to you, but to anyone outside your industry it might as well be a different language. You typically have one shot at catching and keeping a reader’s attention. Our writers are highly skilled in breaking down complex information and writing it in an easy-to-understand format.

Distribution – We’re not only great at writing compelling news, we leverage our extensive distribution network to maximize its reach and push your news to our 5,000+ distribution outlets across the country, as well as to our vast network of affiliates and social media networks. Let us take your whisper and turn it into a roar.