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There are countless strategies that can effectively promote a brand, but only one desired outcome: brand awareness. StockMarketRelations (SMR) has helped public companies, start-ups, family businesses, private firms and pre-IPO companies find their voice and build market visibility to achieve this goal.

You’re already more familiar with brand awareness than you might think. What’s your favorite brand of soft drink, athletic shoe, car, shampoo, Internet company? Chances are, you first tried those brands because of their awareness strategies. Whether it was word of mouth or a TV commercial, Facebook post, billboard or coupon, that awareness peaked interest, triggered a purchase reaction, and ideally built customer loyalty.

With SMR solutions, we start with WHY your brand is unique, WHO your target audience is, and together build a strategy of WHAT it will take you to get WHERE you want to be.

Building digital awareness for your brand is no different.

In today’s hyper connected world, it’s easy to get lost in the commotion. Using a blend of storytelling, creativity, and strategic thinking, we help our clients deliver the message needed to stand out in the crowd. The result is heightened brand awareness that builds reputation and encourages brand loyalty.