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Brand positioning is often best accomplished with effective marketing communications. There are many ways to do this: slogans, landing pages, web content, press releases, social media, and all your advertising messages. Those essential marketing messages shape the way people perceive your company, products and services.

Every piece of content with your brand’s name on it is saying something to someone about your brand. Sometimes the messages are right on point and they get through and sometimes they need to be tweaked. Each message should promote, be consistent with other advertising programs, impress stakeholders, and attract potential investors.

Marketing communications should be catchy, easy to understand, and memorable. Some of the most stand-out taglines in recent years were very short:

Nike: Just do it!
McDonald’s: I’m loving it.
Walmart: Save money. Live better.

These messages are the themes that weave through all company communications. In a top level marketing campaign, each leg of the program extends and/or repeats that key message in some way. This strategy has defined success for numerous brands.

At StockMarketRelations (SMR) we assist brands in many ways, including defining brand personality, identifying consumer insights, and charting key benefits that should be explored. We formulate long-term and short-term goals and then develop a plan to bring these elements together into a strong and clear marketing campaign.

As we communicate your company’s value proposition through various outlets, we strive for consistency and an unforgettable and compelling campaign.
This strategy has worked for hundreds of our clients and we believe it can get your company exactly where it needs to be. That’s our goal and we work hard to achieve it. Contact SMR today to learn more.