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Brand awareness is the fancy term used for the extent to which a target demographic recognizes your goods, products, services and overall brand name. StockMarketRelations (SMR) believes the most efficient way to build brand awareness is by being visible, reputable and consistent in your branding.

Visibility – Includes releasing news and corporate updates, interviews with executive management, letters to shareholders, active social media presence, blogs, articles and more.

Reputation – This is built by excellent customer service, visible management team, transparency, consistent shareholder and customer communication, a properly done website and more.

Consistency – Reached by issuing frequent news releases, social media updates, and a uniform message across all channels and materials, as well as quarterly letters to shareholders and more.

SMR provides brand awareness strategies designed to cost-effectively increase each client’s visibility. We do this by creating brand-specific materials and distributing these and other company news through corporate presentations, video productions, blogs, news releases, articles, marketing collateral and other routes.

Keep in mind, brand awareness is an infinite goal. While you may have markers that gauge your progress, there is no end to the effort. Building and maintaining brand awareness is a continual campaign that evolves with consumer trends.

SMR’s multi-dimensional approach gives your brand a voice:

  • Create and distribute articles to 5,000+ destinations
  • Full-service social media relations
  • Redistribution of SEO-enhanced company news
  • Media coverage by SMR’s team of professional writers
  • Strategic social media development and management
  • Featured placement in SMR newsletter
  • Assistance writing corporate communication materials
  • Distribution of news releases via top news publishing services
  • Production of corporate videos and/or interviews