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Business owners wonder whether professional copywriting is worth the money. If you’re among them, put yourself on the receiving end of the message and think about how you respond when you visit a site with poorly written copy, misspellings, and bad grammar. Do you have confidence in the company’s abilities? Not likely.

Your web content is the face of your business. Imagine passing by a store at the mall and seeing a showroom window that has cobwebs and trash. Would you shop there? Of course not! You’d hurry on by. That’s exactly what happens when someone clicks on a website where words are misspelled and the text doesn’t make sense. They hurry away!

Professional Copywriting

Words have the powerful ability to draw customers in or drive them away. Using the right tone and language can mean better traffic and higher conversion rates. Most business owners know this on some level within their organization. For instance, you would never hire a potential employee with a resume full of errors or white space.

Professional copywriters also get it, and they understand how to craft compelling headlines and persuade readers to take action. The small expense of professional copywriting is more than offset by stronger sales and enhanced reputation.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting uses keywords to enable a website to rank higher for specific search terms. The trick is to appeal to humans while pleasing the search engines with the right keywords, headlines, subtitles and content. With so much at stake, it’s important to ensure that your content, landing page, Facebook ads and other writing is completed by professionals who know the value of well-written words and keywords. If you’re ready to vastly improve the face of your business, contact StockMarketRelations (SMR) and let one of our writers develop an SEO strategy specifically for your business.