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Many business owners have experienced the benefit of professional trademark and copyright services. These are the most effective ways to protect intangible business assets, such as logos, the business name, packaging and copyrightable materials.

There are similarities between trademarks and copyrights, but also differences that can lead to confusion. Both protect intellectual property. A copyright protects written words, graphics and creative content from unauthorized use while trademark law protects the elements that comprise your brand, such as domain name, slogans, logo and product names. It can also include website design and packaging.

The rules concerning trademarks is complex. In most cases, if you are the first to use a specific shape, element or mark, then you own it and don’t need to register it. These are referred to as “common law trademarks.” You do not have to be first globally to use the mark, because a trademark is limited by your industry and geographical area. Another prime requirement is that the mark be adequately distinctive.

The goal of professional public relations and marketing is to develop campaigns that enable your business to become synonymous with your logo and/or trademark. StockMarketRelations (SMR) has helped numerous companies develop their own distinctive style. We can answer those complex questions about trademark and copyright laws and help you discover your unique voice within the protection of the laws.

If you are considering adopting a specific mark as your trademark, SMR’s team of professionals can assist you in developing a distinctive logo or design for your business and/or products. We can also work with you to ensure that it is properly registered and protected. Contact us today to learn more.