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In its relatively short history, social media has drastically changed the shape, power and structure of business communication in both the private and public sectors. From small-town startups to governments and Fortune 500s, social media has become a leading way merchants and authorities communicate with their constituents, customers and investors.

An effective communications strategy hinges on much more than signing up for a social media account, however. To make it work for your brand, you need the right combination of networks and consistent messaging. Not every company needs an Instagram account, and not every company will benefit from YouTube. But to dismiss social media and say you don’t need it at all is to miss a powerful opportunity to promote your business.

With the right social media tools, you can increase client engagement, consumer dialogue and marketing, and foster incredible potential to expand your market penetration and increase your bottom line. StockMarketRelations (SMR) has the expertise to help you determine what is going to increase your brand engagement, and what would waste your time. Our strategies are centered on your brand, your people, and your goals.

If you don’t have a corporate social media account, our team of professionals will step in to create an informative, attractive profile that blends well with your existing marketing materials. Maintaining brand consistency is an important part of social media creation, and one that is often overlooked. In addition to using your company’s logos, color scheme and overall theme, we make sure the information provided matches your corporate voice. An effective social media account should be seamlessly complement your website and other public materials.

Feel stuck with your existing social media accounts? If you’re not getting the following or interaction you desire from your accounts, we can help here, too. By conducting an audit from the “outside looking in,” SMR’s social media specialists can find weak spots in your campaign that could use a little boost. It might be an image issue, for which we have an outstanding team of graphic designers highly skilled at enhancing digital aesthetics. Maybe your message is a bit off key; our writers can help create enticing copy that catches attention.

Perhaps you’re not sure what your posts should say. Here’s a small hint: it sounds counter-intuitive, but your social media posts shouldn’t always be about you! Give your followers more than a flow of advertisements and you can bank on increased interaction. SMR’s content team can take the lead in posting industry and corporate-relevant messages that resonate with your target audience. True social media solutions have the potential to speak volumes in just a few words.