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It’s easy to assume social media can be an overnight success. Those instances, if they do exist, are the unicorns of the Internet. Realistic entrepreneurs know that it takes time to build a following and make genuine connections with customers. The base of these connections and dialogue and growth that follows is proper branding and messaging.

If these two things are handled correctly, you have positioned your organization to achieve long-term success. After a few years in the game, you’ll realize that people know and trust your brand and they tell their friends how much they love it. They, in turn, will engage and spread the word themselves. This should be the end goal of all marketing strategies.

Social interaction online requires finesse … and patience. There’s no magic formula; it’s a matter of creating an eye-catching presence on the social media sites and then posting unique content on a regular basis. When users ask questions or make comments, acknowledge them with intelligent answers. Consumers love honest, transparent interaction, especially with their favorite brands. It builds a unique kind of trust and in the end will result in consumers being loyal and coming back for more.

You should also stay consistent across all channels with the visual creation of your accounts. Use the same logos, banners and background colors. Big name brands have been utilizing that secret for years and it works much better than you might think. People around the world recognize the message and brands of Nike and Coca-Cola.

Take time to write original, quality content for each channel. Try to post a good mix of content too. Put an interesting video on Facebook and relevant helpful tips on Google+. Remember that the more you put into any endeavor, the more you’ll get out of it.

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