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Every day, consumers form opinions on places they’ve been, clothing they’ve purchased, items they buy for the home, what they like about their new car and countless other goods and services. These opinions are of great value to manufacturers, marketers, purchasers and retailers, and many of them are turning to social media to find these opinions.

The best part of this strategy is that social media platforms themselves are free and can be a relatively simple type of focus group. Rather than spending money on mail outs or phone calls, the cost and work comes in when you hire people to monitor these sites to see what’s going on every day in the world of social media. That can amount to a huge volume of information to comb through.

Marketers are also using social media to canvas their customers about upcoming changes and proposed new features. People are willing to participate in these types of studies, even though they don’t pay anything – they are usually already online at some point of the day, so there is a certain measure of convenience. If you offer an entry into a sweepstakes with prize money, then you’ll get even greater participation.

At StockMarketRelations (SMR), we believe social media focus groups can be a valuable part of your overall marketing plan. While it has proven to produce quality results, we also know that it can only be one component of a great marketing strategy.

We begin by helping your company establish a strong, highly interactive online presence, and from there set goals for your social media marketing plan that supports your other initiatives. This includes setting specific sites up to be monitored for comments about your products and services, as well as creating special campaigns where users are asked to give their opinion or rate a product.

We have the experience, the people and the resources to give you more for your marketing dollar. We pull out all the stops to ensure that every possible benefit is harvested from your social media accounts.