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Each day, business owners around the world apply the power of social media toward the success of their enterprise. What only a fraction of them have discovered is that effective social media strategy requires a high level of organization and persistence, as well as goal setting.

The long and short-term goals you set will define the type of content you create and how often you post. Have a question about how often should you post to each platform? Whether you should post more on Facebook than on Twitter? What about Instagram and Google Plus? There are a lot of questions and the correct answers aren’t always easy to find.

Setting an editorial calendar is an effective way to manage the timing of your distribution and determine what to post where. While scheduled updates to each account are important, so is real-time interaction. It is also critical to be responsive to posters and have mechanisms in place to capture the feedback loop. It takes highly trained personnel with creative writing and editing skills, and if you’re not careful, you can do more damage than good.

StockMarketRelations (SMR) has worked with hundreds of well-known brands to create top-notch, compelling content delivered at the right intervals – and we can do it for yours. We believe our services offer untold value in terms of establishing your company in the marketplace and enhancing your brand recognition via social media and other strategies.

With SMR handling your editorial calendar, be assured that every important aspect of your social media campaign will be designed according to your specific company goals. We work alongside your people to learn all about your brand and we make it a priority to discover your organization’s objectives.