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Social Media Optimization (SMO) is as the name suggests: the use of social media to optimize awareness, visibility and engagement of an event, brand, product or other item. In its most effective form, SMO is perpetual; it’s not something ever fully achieved. Rather, it is a focused and continual effort to attract, entice and engage an audience on any type of social media platform.

People change, trends evolve and news happens. For this reason, if you are using SMO to accelerate your business, you should never be headed for a stopping point. Similarly, you should never assume that your social media campaign won’t ever need a tweak for full effect.

You should always be testing the waters around you, researching what your followers are talking about, and looking for what interests them. Is there industry news that might impact your followers? Let them know. Is there a challenge to which your brand/product can provide a solution? Fill them in. While your posts should in some way tie-in to your expertise, they don’t always need to be directly about your brand. Solve problems, entertain, and provoke thought, interaction and dialogue.

With social media, you are vying for a coveted spot in the personal life of your chosen audience. When you campaign for a “like,” “follow,” or other social media action, you are asking to be let into a person’s digital community. While it’s a common request, for many people it is a significant request. In the same mindset you have in putting your shareholders, customers, etc. first, you should also value your social media followers. This is the root of SMO.

StockMarketRelations (SMR) has extensive experience using SMO for corporate communication purposes. You may be extremely familiar with social media for personal use, using social media for business is an entirely different animal. Through much research, trial and error, and hands-on experience, we have identified the challenges pertaining to social media and have determined the best solutions for executing SMO.

At SMR we have built a strong audience of investors, entrepreneurs, analysts and other interested parties – and the list keeps growing. With our evolving list of SMO solutions and rapidly expanding social media following, SMR can get you on track and up to speed on the long and successful road of social media corporate communications.