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Maintaining an active corporate blog is a great way to attract new audiences, establish your brand and improve your site’s rankings with the search engines, as well as boost web traffic and increase overall sales.

Tips for a Successful Blog

Blogs should be written in a more informal tone than the other content on a website. While informational and professional, the blogs should also be conversational. This is your opportunity to assure prospective customers that there is a real person working behind the scenes.

To find new topics for your blogs, start with the base of your operations and dive into various aspects. If you own an automotive repair site, for example, your blog could contain tips on regular auto maintenance. If you own a dental practice, offer information on the latest technologies, how to care for your teeth, and advice on a healthy smile. You can also provide product updates and how-to articles that will offer value to your readers.

Don’t be afraid to inject your own personality into the writing – this will give it personality. Entertain. Be memorable. And use specific keywords throughout the writing to improve your search engine rankings.

If your blogs are consistent, genuine, informative and well-written, you can expect people to come back to see what you have to say and build your reputation as an authority in your given field.

Post regularly, at least once per week. While keywords are important, don’t overstuff the blog to the point that the words and phrases are a distraction; today’s standard is around 2% of your copy. However, it’s more important to provide timely, interesting articles than to hit some arbitrary keyword percentage.

Your blog can and should provide visitors with an inside look at your company. This will build a sense of trust in your brand and confidence in the goods you’re offering.